Power Supply

Power Supply

Resettable Fuse – If wiring of one camera gets short, the resettable fuse
gets activated automatically ensuring no effect on the other Cameras in operation.
Individual Output Terminals – ensuring that the there is no bunching of wires.
Power On LED Indicator – To detect which SMPS Card is in operation. Green indicates that
the first SMPS card is in operation and the other SMPS Card remains unused. Red LED indicates that
the second SMPS Card is in operation due to some issue with the first SMPS Card.
The same calls for attention to the CCTV Installer to replace the 1st SMPS Card.
Robust Cabinet with Lock – So that your Power supply is not tampered by unauthorized person.
Power Switch- So that your Power Supply can be switched on/off from
the Cabinet switch as well for any service related purpose.
Individual Power Indicator – To suggest which camera is ON/OFF

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